The Belfast Bankers’ Clearing Company Limited (BBCCL)


About the scheme:

The Belfast Bankers’ Clearing Company Limited (BBCCL) was established in May 2007 by the four main banks that operate in Northern Ireland (Bank of Ireland, First Trust Bank, Northern Bank (now trading as Danske Bank) and Ulster Bank) as a means of formalising existing rules and standards for sterling paper clearings; each bank holds 25% of the share capital of the company. The Board of the company comprises four executive directors (one nominated from each of the shareholder banks) together with three independent directors, one of whom is the chairman.

The company was established so that the business of the sterling paper clearings (cheques and credits) and Euro debit clearing paper could be managed and controlled in a more efficient and effective manner, ensuring that clearings happen on time, reliably and to agreed standards, and with a greater degree of transparency. Hitherto much of this role had been undertaken by the Belfast Bankers’ Clearing Committee, operating under the auspices of the Northern Ireland Bankers Association, which has now ceased to exist.

Key services:

  • Maintain the integrity of the clearing arrangements and ensure the system is efficient and effective.
  • Maintain the clearing rules and regulations.
  • Determine fair, open and transparent access criteria for admission to membership of the scheme.
  • Ensure that members comply with the rules and the obligations which membership entails.

Further Information about the scheme and access criteria can be found on their website:

BBCCL website


  • BBCCL can be contacted in writing at our Registered Office address as follows:  

    Belfast Bankers' Clearing Company Limited
    c/o Pinsent Masons LLP
    The Soloist
    1 Lanyon Place
    BT1 3LP